Some things in life are certain, the sun will rise in the east, Theresa May won’t be the prime minister for too much longer and Temple will always have the kimchi grilled cheese sandwich as its only constant on the menu. Everything is subject to seasonal change, but not this item. It’s like a good friend, something to be relied upon, especially in the colder months. Its contents are actually good for you, unlike most of the food I crave, but carefully avoid. We ferment the kimchi on-site, use cheddar from Davidstow and then use Ben Glazers insanely good sourdough to house all of the above, in what can only be described as a crispy edged, fermented, tasty bastard of a sandwich. Gimmicks aren’t something we do at Temple; we much prefer the essence of our chef’s natural curiosity and the season to be the driving force behind the menus. But we all agree that the kimchi grilled cheese sandwich is here forever. It’s worth noting that we plan on selling our kimchi in jars shortly, but if you can’t wait that long it is also worth noting that it is so darn simple to make and entirely possible to be eating kimchi at home on a regular basis. 



2 large Chinese cabbages

2 tbsp sea salt

100g caster sugar

3 tbsp gochugaru (Korean chilli flakes, found in Asian supermarkets or online)

3 garlic cloves

1 thumb of ginger

60ml light soy

50ml sesame oil

5 spring onions

1. Slice the cabbage length ways into quarters & then chop it from head to stalk in 1cm chunks (I find it easier doing this in 2 quarters at a time).

2. Put all the chopped cabbage into a large tub and toss in the salt & sugar, proceed to bash the hell out of the mixture until you’re satisfied & your fingers hurt just a little. Put a lid on it and put it in the fridge for 24hrs.

3. Take out the tub of cabbage & empty the contents into a colander, now squeeze as much of the water out of it as you can. I find thinking about what I’d like to do to Donald Trump’s face helps get most of the liquid released.

4. In another bowl, add the gochugaru, grate the garlic & ginger in and pour over the soy & sesame oil. Mix up till a nice paste has developed (add a little water if you need to).

5. Put the cabbage back into its container & add in your awesome smelling paste. Chop up your spring onions nice and rough, throw them in too. Mix everything together until they are all friends. 

6. Return the tub to the fridge and leave for 2 weeks (it’s good to eat after 1 week, but the real taste starts to develop in the 2nd week). It can be opened, used & returned to the fridge for over a month. Enjoy!

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